In preparation for the inaugural Sustainable Infrastructure Development Symposium of South Africa (SIDSSA) 2020, a market sounding exercise, in the form of pitching sessions, was held on 28 and 29 May 2020. The pitching sessions were aimed at giving project sponsors an audience from national and international funding institutions to present infrastructure projects that have been identified as potentially bankable.

SIDSSA21 had the same build up in the form of a 7-part ‘Pipeline Series’ which was aimed at achieving the following:

→ To increase the supply of projects towards bankability to achieve the objectives of SA’s Infrastructure Investment Plan;

→ To showcase projects in Infrastructure South Africa’s Portfolio for successful capital raising from both local and international investors

The thematic focus for the SIDSSA project pipeline 2021 was as follows:

Part 1: Integrated Human Settlements – New Ways of Investing

Part 2: Accelerating Investment into SA’s Student Housing Infrastructure Programme

Part 3: Municipal Infrastructure Financing – Bulk Funding Solution

Part 4: Digital Economy – The 3rd Great Economic Revolution

Part 5: Deep Dive Parallel Sessions

→ Green Economy – South Africa at the Global Forefront for Green Energy
→ Manufacturing and Industrialization – The Export Factor

Part 6: A Focused Infrastructure Sector Approach

→ Transport for Development – Taking Up Space
→ Financing Social Infrastructure Differently

Part 7: Unveiling of the Infrastructure Fund Projects


Media enquiries: Spokesperson to the President, Khusela Diko on [email protected]