Transnet Freight Rail is the largest Operating Division of Transnet. The division’s primary business is to provide rail transport of commodities for the export, regional, and domestic markets. Transnet Freight Rail operates world-class heavy-haul coal and iron ore export lines and is developing the manganese export corridor to heavy haul standards. Transnet Freight Rail also transports a broad range of bulk general freight commodities and containerised freight. The division maintains a complex rail network of approximately 31 000 track kilometres (20 900 route kilometres) over which commodities are railed. The diverse rail network comprises 1 500 kilometres of heavy haul lines and also includes 3 928 kilometres of branch lines that serve as feeders to main lines. The rail network service provides strategic links between ports, terminals, and production hubs providing connectivity with Southern African railways to support regional integration. Infrastructure connectivity, coupled with close co-operation with other Operating Divisions and collaboration with key customers, enables the delivery of freight volumes across value chains.

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