Sustainable Infrastructure Development Symposium South Africa

23 JUNE 2020

"Investing in infrastructure for shared prosperity:
now, next and beyond"

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The Sustainable Infrastructure Development Symposium (SIDSSA) is a platform that brings together critical role-players in the infrastructure investment space, who are galvanised around a key goal of accelerating an infrastructure-led economic recovery plan.

Infrastructure investment is a critical driver of future growth of the South African economy. The provision of superior quality infrastructure allows an economy to be more efficient, improves productivity, and raises long-term growth and living standards. South Africa requires the right kind of infrastructure investment that will not only contribute to higher long-term growth, but should address spatial disparities, transform the economy and create much needed jobs. 

 The symposium is also a platform to explore partnerships between the public and private sectors and investment opportunities in infrastructure. Furthermore, the symposium is intended to shape the conversations about regulatory and policy reforms, innovative funding models for infrastructure and investing in infrastructure for a shared prosperity for all.

Enhance the country’s prospects of successfully accessing the reservoir of liquidity

Prepare and package unfunded projects (including socio-economic i.e.: non-bankable) to emerge with a fundable project pipeline

Advance stages of projects readiness/maturity

Define a roadmap towards the revision of the country’s infrastructure Plan

“Meaningful infrastructure [investment] would have the potential to strengthen the economy, bringing the country a step closer to achieving the NDP's commitment for the economy to attain 5.5% year-on-year economic growth, a 6% unemployment rate and 30% gross fixed capital formation to GDP"




Priority Programmes

Accelerated development of priority programmes and projects

Sector readiness and sustainability

identify bottlenecks and address sector sustainability, and systematic engagement of private sector: address bottlenecks, capacity building and financial instruments

Institutional Framework

formalize institutional framework for overall investment management process